Protest at GEO Group Regional Headquarters

Immigrants are behind one of America's fastest growing, most profitable industries- private prisons. Because immigrants are the fastest growing sector of the federal detainees and prisoners, private prison companies have escaped unscathed by the current state of U.S. financial affairs.  Texas and other border states are fertile ground for companies that specialize in building and running detention centers. As long as the federal government continues to outsource immigrant detainees to private prisons, there are hundreds of millions of dollars to be made off of human suffering.  

On Thursday, December 10th 2009 at 12pm, we will protest against the GEO Group, the private correctional and detention management company contracted by the U.S. Government to run the Reeves County Detention Center, at their regional New Braunfels office. We will present a letter to GEO officials asking GEO to comply with basic human rights standard or give up their contract with the BOP.

We are asking that the GEO Group voluntarily comply with Texas Jail Standards. In addition, we are urging the GEO Group to open up for an independent monitor specializing in detention conditions to ensure such compliance. If the GEO Group cannot comply, we will demand that their contract with BOP be terminated and the prisoners be released or transferred to humane facilities. Finally, we will call on the GEO Group to invite the office of the OIG to investigate the widespread human rights abuses. 

If you would like to join us in this effort, please contact Bob Libal, Texas Coordinator with Grassroots Leadership, at . We hope to see you there !

Protest at  Reeves County Detention Center

Join us for a march and vigil at the Reeves County Detention Facility starting at 12pm on December 12th, The day of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the one year anniversary of the prisoner uprising, to shine a spotlight on RCDC and demand accountability.  We invite friends and families of those detained along with organizations concerned with human, civil and immigrant rights to join us.If you would like to participate in this important event, please contact Luissana Santibañez, Texas Organizer with Grassroots Leadership, at If you can’t make it, help us spread the word by forwarding this email, telling your friends, sharing our website

Demand Accountability- Write to the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Send a letter to the BOP demanding accountability for the medical neglect and human rights abuses at RCDC and that it terminate its contract with Reeves County and the GEO group if they are not in compliance with the most basic detention standards.
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